InfoComm Q&A: SurgeX Provides Double-Conversion UPS Units for Installations Large and Small

Check out the SurgeX booth (#1618) at InfoComm 2017 to see its new large format UPS units as well as diagnostic and monitoring solutions.

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InfoComm Q&A: SurgeX Provides Double-Conversion UPS Units for Installations Large and Small

SurgeX comes to InfoComm 2017 with its new suits of large format uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions in tow.

Giving us a preview, Rick Komendera, manager of sales, SurgeX, talks to CI about what integrators can expect to see in the SurgeX booth (#1618) at InfoComm 2017.

If we learn about only one product innovation in your InfoComm 2017 booth, what should it be?

Our new large format uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions come on the scene at for the first time at InfoComm 2017 to round out our existing lineup of UPS solutions.

surgex rick komendera

Rick Komendera, sales manager, SurgeX

With the new additions, we have the capability of providing true double-conversion UPS units for every installation, regardless of size. Ranging from 1,000 volt-amps (1kVA) to 20,000 volt-amps (20kVA), our UPS solutions provide integrators with bulletproof battery backup for all mission critical systems.

The new suite of large format UPS solutions introduced at InfoComm are available in 10kVA, 15kVa, and 20kVA models. Featuring load shedding capabilities, isolation transformers and inrush load rating up to 300%, these solutions provide a better experience for end users and less service calls for integrators.

What if we have time to see one more thing?

If you have more time, take a look at our diagnostic and monitoring solutions. Truck rolls and service calls can place a heavy financial and time burden on your company.

With our Axess Elite and enVision units, we give our integrators the ability to diagnose, monitor, and manage their systems in a proactive manner with the capability to mitigate issues before they even happen.

These solutions reduce the need for reboots, resets and countless hours of troubleshooting time that can be a detriment to your business.

What’s one last impression you’d like us to take away from your InfoComm 2017 booth?

SurgeX just passed the one year mark under our new ownership, AMETEK. We’ve worked tirelessly over this period of time to ensure minimal disruption to our customers’ business as we walked through the integration process.

With the integration process complete, SurgeX is back and better than ever. We’ve been reinvesting in all aspects of the business, including engineering, marketing and sales support and are excited to show you the next chapter of SurgeX.