ISE 2017 Must-See: Mersive’s New Solstice Multi-Room Solution

Published: February 1, 2017
The Solstice Multi-Room solution will be showcased during ISE 2017 at Mersive's booth.

At this year’s ISE show, Mersive will be showing off its new Solstice Multi-Room Solution.

Mersive took the time to talk with CI about Solstice Multi-Room, as well as what else attendees can expect to see at the Mersive booth at ISE 2017. Mersive also shared some advice as to how integrators can match the right wireless presentation and collaboration solutions to their customers’ unique needs.

CI: If we learn about only one product innovation in your ISE 2017 booth, what should it be?

We’re excited to announce that we will be launching Solstice Multi-Room at ISE 2017. This new capability extends the rich collaborative power of Solstice from in-room collaboration to collaboration among multiple rooms and geographies.

Current audio and video conferencing offer multi-room connectivity, but because they limit content to a single thread, meetings are by default relegated to presentation mode. Now with Solstice Multi-Room, users can have both connectivity for multiple rooms and multi-threaded content. This puts content sharing on a level playing field with audio and video and dramatically improves user engagement so that meetings can become more collaborative and productive, yielding better results faster. Solstice Multi-Room is additive to existing conferencing solutions and addresses the need for broader content sharing.

CI: Since Mersive launched Solstice wireless display solution, you’ve been good about updating the software to keep pace with how organizations work. Any updates to share?

Because Solstice is a software-based product and has a very large installed base of dedicated customers, our ability to be market-driven is one of our greatest success factors. While we continue to offer new capabilities for Solstice users, most of the work in 2016 focused on the host side for IT management to better serve our large number of enterprise deployments.


Some recently added IT management capabilities include everything from a new control API for third-party integration, to expanded room-usage analytics capabilities, and new smart-streaming optimization which detects variations in network conditions and adjusts Solstice streaming parameters to optimize performance. The net results of these improvements is a very consistent and performant experience for Solstice users and more capable/robust management of the Solstice deployment for IT teams.

CI: The wireless presentation and collaboration categories have evolved so much in the past few years. Any advice for integrators looking to match the right solution for their customers’ unique needs?

For enterprise customers, the ability to provide secure and flexible network topology support, centralized management, and broad support for various use cases and room types are table stakes. End user expectations for streaming performance are continually increasing and ease-of-use for new or one-time users is also at the top of the priority list.

Content based collaboration has quickly emerged as the key to unlocking meeting productivity and is becoming the tail wagging the dog in terms of how both existing and new meeting room collaboration solutions are being used and developed. Annotation, session capture, room scheduling, and document sharing are being rethought from the perspective of how to support content sharing.

Integrators need to look beyond current customer needs when they pick a content sharing solution and make sure they pick a technology that has been architected to keep pace with a still nascent market.

Content sharing solutions are as much IT as they are AV – much of the client side functionality is closer to traditional AV while the host and management side is classic IT. The best solutions can meet the needs of both markets which will continue to converge over the next several years.

CI: What’s one last impression you’d like us to take away from your ISE 2017 booth?

Since its inception, Solstice has been envisioned and designed as an enterprise solution, and today it is the most enterprise-ready wireless display product in market. From network security, deployment flexibility, and ongoing manageability – to robust and intuitive end-user capabilities that drive meeting productivity and ROI – Solstice spans the full spectrum of end-user and IT requirements for meeting-room collaboration in the modern enterprise.

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