Jetbuilt Cites New Software Feature Sets

Published: November 2, 2021
Jetbuilt founder and CEO Paul Dexter.

Jawohl. Oui. Si. That’s a yes, yes, yes in German, French and Spanish from software supplier Jetbuilt about its availability in multiple languages. Company founder and CEO Paul Dexter announced the language expansion (speaking in English), along with other details, during a brief press conference at InfoComm 2021.

“We know we need a global presence; Jetbuilt is in 20 countries already today,” he said with an office opening the U.K. in early 2020 to help enhance the support the company plans to offer for its international clients. According to Dexter, Jetbuilt has five of the top 12 companies in the industry under its fold already, and in some cases the software is responsible for as much as 25% of the specification and sell through of certain key products.

The software company attended its first InfoComm show six year ago, and has never looked back in terms of growing its base of commercial AV users. Dexter’s background, first as a record producer and then as an integrator, is what led him to launch the software, which he says filled a necessary gap in the industry for cloud-based software.

“Since then, others have followed us, but none of them were innovating. We are proud to be leading the way. Software tools have always been vital behind the AV technology itself,” he notes. The company has recently added the ability for users to search stock levels of products to aid in their inventory management, which has become more important during the supply chain shortage. Dexter says by 2022 Jetbuilt “will finally cover the entire process for operating an integration company.”

One very unique element of Jetbuilt is that many large end users, including the U.S. State Department,  use the software to develop the necessary specifications for their projects. Dexter cited large theme parks, hotels, hospitals, houses of worship and 12 different universities among the end-user clients.

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