Jetbuilt To Showcase Project Initiation Feature at CEDIA Expo

Published: 2023-08-22

Jetbuilt, a global developer of AV project sales and management software, has announced new enhancements to accelerate administrative business tasks and project management through its Project Initiation processes.

At CEDIA Expo 2023, Jetbuilt will introduce automated proposal and document management, invoice tracking and order management to create a seamless workflow for managing business tasks between closing a sale and managing a project.

“We’ve introduced new automated features to empower integrators to offer more convenience to their clients while expediting day-to-day business tasks between closing a sale and managing a project,” says Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt.

“The latest enhancements, which we will showcase at CEDIA Expo 2023, create a complete ecosystem to streamline workflows with accounting and ordering solutions. Jetbuilt continues blazing the trail with cloud-based solutions for residential and commercial integrators. Custom installers, and the CEDIA Expo channel, are a core segment of our business and we look forward to reconnecting with industry professionals at CEDIA Expo 2023.”

Jetbuilt’s new Project Initiation feature will automatically trigger document signing, online invoicing and immediate ordering to ensure projects progress smoothly. Integrators in Jetbuilt can offer their clients the convenience of approving the proposal, selecting their various options, such as upgrades or service packages, and, finally, signing to buy the project online the company boasts.

Through its API, the contract is sent to the accounting platform, which will generate and send the opening invoice as defined in the contract. Once the payment is received, Jetbuilt will notify the project PM to commence purchasing and installation of equipment. Jetbuilt’s automated process is designed to help ensure projects continue to move forward quickly and efficiently.

Visit Jetbuilt in booth 1729 at CEDIA Expo 2023 from September 7–9, 2023, at the Colorado County Center in Denver, Colo.

Another version of this article originally appeared on our sister-site CEPro on August 22, 2023. It has since been updated for Commercial Integrator’s audience.

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