Jose Mozota on MuxLab and the Rise of AV-over-IP

Published: March 12, 2024

In this exclusive interview with Commercial Integrator, Jose Mozota, president of Freman Solutions, who works closely with MuxLab, reflects on the rise of AV-over-IP. He offers an insightful history of how networked AV developed and evolved, eventually becoming today’s AV-over-IP, which can satisfy users’ ever-increasing needs.

Mozota notes that, nowadays, probably more than 65% of installed systems are AV-over-IP. And, for very large deployments, probably 90% of them are AV-over-IP.

Mozota also discusses MuxLab’s whole line of AV-over-IP products, detailing the company’s remarkable innovation.

This conversation is, of course, part of Commercial Integrator’s AV-over-IP Deep Dive. Our Deep Dive coverage will be all over the site throughout this month. The Deep Dive report is the central repository for all things AV-over-IP. Thus, it includes analysis of emerging technologies and standards, vertical-market use cases and ongoing challenges.

Watch the full, just-under-nine-minute video featuring Jose Mozota talking MuxLab and AV-over-IP below.

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