K-array Group Launches New AV Market Roadmap at ISE 2023

Published: January 11, 2023

At ISE 2023, the K-array group will present their new roadmap dedicated to the AV market sector. The Florence, Italy-based company is prominent in audio and lighting solutions. Presently, the K-array group comprises three brands — K-array, KGEAR and KSCAPE. Together, these brands offer solutions for any AV space or application.

According to K-array president, Alessandro Tatini, the company will consolidate its offering for the AV market. In so doing, it will make it easy for integrators, consultants and architects to specify the products required for their projects. K-array group products offer solutions for various applications. These include corporate, education, hospitality, retail, public spaces, visitor attractions, marine and venues.

“We are passionate about sound and have been pioneering unique audio solutions for live events for over 30 years,” explains Tatini. “We wanted to bring that experience to the installed AV market. So the last few years have seen us develop a range of compact, aesthetically pleasing products that deliver the same levels of quality and innovation to the AV sector. Three years ago, we developed KSCAPE, an integrated audio and lighting solution for design-conscious environments that puts wellbeing into focus. A year later, we launched KGEAR with the intention of offering simpler, less costly audio solutions for applications where quality counts. Now that we have all these elements in place, it’s time for us to have a more cohesive approach to the market.”

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Launching A More Cohesive Approach

The first move is the creation of a dedicated K-array installed sound business unit. This will bring K-array’s three brands under one roof. Moreover, it will act as a single resource for consultants and integrators looking to specify projects. The K-array group has also invested in and final assembled stock to guarantee a minimum of twelve-months supply. In so doing, it looks to ensure that solutions are available upon demand. Additionally, it will ensure timely delivery of product and circumvent the current supply-chain issues faced by the industry at large.

K-array has also worked hard to develop a number of strategic partnerships for increased operability and ease of use. Some of these comprise Moodsonic for KSCAPE, Samsung LED walls for K-array, and a vast array of plugins. With this, it will help ensure seamless integration with most major control systems. For example: Crestron, Crestron Home, Q-SYS and Control4.

Finally, K-array was the first manufacturer to adopt Audinate’s revolutionary ‘Dante Ready’ licensing program. The program allows customers to add Dante channels and features as and when they are needed for complete flexibility and scalability.

“We are excited to roll out our new roadmap for AV at ISE 2023,” concludes Tatini. “It’s a significant change of direction for us and one that we feel will help consultants and integrators immensely when designing and specifying projects using our products. We’re looking forward to 2023!”

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