Key Digital KD-IP922 Is 4K Solution for AV over IP Digital Signage

Published: June 8, 2017
Key Digital says its KD-IP922 supports up to eight vertical and eight horizontal displays for a maximum of a 64 panel video wall.

Just ahead of InfoComm 2017, Key Digital announces its KD-IP922 system UHD / 4K encoder and decoder, which it says is designed for AV over IP video wall and digital signage functionality, as well as KVM.

It offers a simple expansion beyond 48 port network switch, according to a press release.

Key Digital says its KD-IP922 supports up to eight vertical and eight horizontal displays for a maximum of a 64-panel video wall. The video wall configuration can be adjusted via the Key Digital App, universal management software, or can be programmed in the professional control system Compass Control Pro.

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In its press release, the manufacturer contends that a common obstacle with HD over IP from all manufacturers is lip sync issues caused by network lag. KD-IP922 encoders feature an analog audio de-embed port with an adjustable audio delay up to 150 ms. The analog audio breakout is on a balanced / unbalanced phoenix terminal, and also features volume, muting, and three-band EQ DSP functions.

More from Key Digital’s KD-IP922 Press Release:

With KVM / USB connectivity, the KD-IP922 system marks Key Digital’s official entry to emergency and network operations center applications. KD-IP922 encoder features a USB Type B connectors while the decoder features two USB Type A connectors.

The Design Engineers at Key Digital see this perfect for KVM control of a connected PC, but may also be used for data transfer with synchronous devices such as data discs or isochronous devices such as webcams.

Both the encoder and the decoder of the KD-IP922 feature two HDMI ports. The encoder’s second HDMI port is an HDMI Pass-through for local monitors. The decoder’s second HDMI port is for connecting local digital video sources and creates a 2×1 switch for the end-point display.


KD-IP922 joins a suite of Key Digital IP enabled products that are now app ready.  The engineers at Key Digital have created an easy way for installers and users to switch inputs and control Key Digital systems as if you were standing in front of the unit- all from your iOS device.  The Key Digital app can be downloaded free from the App Store.

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