Konftel Achieves Zoom Certification for Konftel Cam20

Published: April 11, 2022

Sweden-based Konftel announced that its Cam20 videoconferencing camera is now certified to work with Zoom Rooms. The plug-and-play device features 4K Ultra HD performance and a 123-degree field of view.

Konftel product manager Torbjörn Karlsson confirms that the company tested the camera fully as a Zoom Rooms USB-connected device. “The Konftel Cam20 is the second in our product range to be certified to work with Zoom services and helps deliver a natural and fluent meeting experience,” he says.

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Karlsson then adds, “Zoom Rooms is Zoom’s software-based conference room system that makes it easy to run or join video meetings with a tap of a button.” He states that the product represents a seamless and natural fit. Karlsson attributes this to the combination of the picture performance and simple setup. He also remarks that it achieved the Zoom certification after a rigorous testing process.

Compelling Combination

Karlsson also states that the synergy, reliability and high performance of Zoom and Konftel is a compelling combination. It thus suits the current growing hybrid work trends.

Jeff Fox, Zoom senior product marketing manager, echoes his comments. Fox then says user adoption continues to accelerate as more organizations look to embrace and invest in flexible working.

“Our Zoom Rooms service delivers a dedicated and seamless meeting experience leveraging certified hardware designed to perform to high standards. Certification of the Konftel Cam20 further adds to the appeal of our Zoom Rooms service at a time when more and more organizations are looking to combine office-based with remote flexibility, further elevating the importance of video meetings across a wider range of environments,” Fox expands.

Auto Framing Capabilities

What’s more, auto framing functionality has also boosted the Konftel Cam20. Karlsson explains that with the addition of auto framing, room participants will always fit within the picture. He goes on, “…This removes the need to manually crop the image with the digital zoom. If someone leaves the room, the framing readjusts. The feature can be disengaged if required.”

In addition, Konftel is a Climate Neutral certified company. This means it offsets all greenhouse gas emissions across its entire product range. Thus, it ensures that organizations conference with a clear climate conscience from the very first meeting.

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