Kramer Debuts Advanced AVoIP Solutions, Panta Rhei Platform

Published: February 2, 2024

Tel Aviv, Israel-based Kramer, provider of audiovisual experiences, has expanded its AV-over-IP portfolio. This expansion features the introduction of two products — KDS-17 & KDS-100. Both are designed to provide high-performing, scalable solutions for diverse AVoIP streaming needs, says Kramer.

Kramer’s range of AVoIP solutions, including options for 1GE (1 Gigabit per second) networks, enterprise IT-grade security, and advanced management, says the company. Thus, it enables customers to select solutions that align with their specific needs for audio and video quality, bandwidth, latency and more.

Kramer’s AVoIP solution portfolio includes an array of decoders, auto-switcher encoders in various form factors, and a dedicated cloud-based device manager. These solutions cater to enterprises, educational institutions, homeland security, military, and government applications, allowing for flexible deployment in any quantity.

AVoIP Streaming with KDS-17

kramer kds 17

Courtesy/ Kramer

The KDS-17 offers ultra-high performance and scalability, utilizing JPEG2K-like compression for video and audio streaming over 1GE networks. Ideal for spaces requiring 4K60 4.4.4 video quality with minimal latency, it supports up to 1,000 video sources, making it ideal for command centers, meeting rooms, digital signage and more.


The KDS-100 leverages the H.264/265 open standard for bandwidth usage and interoperability. Its dual streaming capabilities make it ideal for environments requiring live recording. In addition, it is suitable for operations rooms, university auditoriums, and command centers. The KDS-100 provides 4K60 4:2:2 video streaming and supports up to 1,000 video sources, facilitating easy deployment and scalability for any network AV installation size, says Kramer.

Kramer’s EVP of Product and Technology, Dorit Bitter, says, “The expansion of our AVoIP portfolio with KDS-17 and KDS-100 represents a pivotal step in our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. These products exemplify our dedication to providing intuitive, scalable, and secure solutions. Our unique technological approach has successfully decoupled high latency from open standards, allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of the 264/265 codec without compromising on performance. With these additions, we are setting new standards in the AVoIP domain, ensuring our customers have access to the most advanced technology, easy to deploy and manage, regardless of the scale or complexity of their needs.

Kramer Unveils Panta Rhei — AV Ecosystem Platform

At ISE, Kramer also launched Panta Rhei, a single, centralized, cloud-based platform designed to reform the audiovisual ecosystem experience. Panta Rhei encompasses the entire audiovisual lifecycle, offering a suite of services for system integrators, IT/AV managers and end-users. Panta Rhei is specifically designed to provide customers with a unified platform that is adept at managing not only all Kramer installations but also seamlessly integrates with third-party devices.

Kramer Panta Rhei

Courtesy / Kramer

The new platform bridges the gap between AV and IT environments with a unique comprehensive approach that looks at the audiovisual cycle as one; allows a seamless transition of data, information, and consistent experience throughout the lifecycle, driving convergence by integrating traditional audiovisual capabilities with modern IT practices. This integration streamlines processes, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability, says Kramer. The convergence leads to increased uptime and device usage while simultaneously reducing support costs.

“Panta Rhei reflects Kramer’s deep commitment to our customers and the entire audiovisual industry. This platform is the result of two years of intensive development, leveraging our four decades of expertise in the audiovisual sector. With Panta Rhei, we’re embracing a significant shift from hardware-centric solutions to a more software-driven approach, signaling a new era in audiovisual technology. This evolution is just the beginning. We’re dedicated to continually expanding Panta Rhei, introducing more services and capabilities to ensure our customers are equipped with the most advanced and efficient tools to meet their evolving needs,” says Gilad Yron, Kramer’s CEO.

Kramer’s Panta Rhei Platform Features

Panta Rhei is a service-based platform that not only simplifies the administration and control of audiovisual systems but also elevates their performance, says Kramer. Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Setup & Management: Quickly build, configure, and manage audiovisual environments, either remotely or on-site, thereby reducing time and resources required.
  • Monitor & Support: Enables effective tracking, monitoring, and health reporting of audiovisual environments to boost uptime and utilization. The platform’s integration with IT support systems and remote troubleshooting capabilities expedites support resolution, enhancing user satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Analytics: Gain actionable intelligence on meeting technologies, devices, and spaces usage, allowing for better planning, budgeting, and optimization of audiovisual resources.
  • Session Manager: Combining VIA and Quicklaunch, the Session Manager Service/Application facilitates easy initiation and management of sessions, ensuring a consistent user experience across all audiovisual spaces.
  • AVoIP Manager: The cloud-based manager supports multiple AVoIP technologies, seamlessly integrated within the Panta Rhei ecosystem.
  • Administration: Manage multiple users and customer relationships effectively, with flexible permissions and services for all levels.

Kramer’s Expands Series 3: Unified AV Distribution & Connectivity

Kramer expanded its Series 3 product line. According to Kramer, Series 3 shows the company’s commitment to providing end-to-end solutions that are fully interoperable and connected, offering unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, and scalability in AV integration.

Per Kramer, Series 3 represents the essence of high-performance audio-visual experiences, offering premium quality with uncompressed 4K60 4:4:4 video, zero latency, and advanced connectivity features like fast switching, single-cable extension, and USB-C interfaces. Designed to support the most advanced collaboration devices and demanding use cases, Series 3 ensures top-notch AV signal processing in any setting, says the company.

kramer Series 3

Courtesy / Kramer

The Series 3 expansion extends beyond individual products to include a comprehensive approach to AV distribution. Kramer’s series-based strategy simplifies the design, configuration and secure management of complete AV solutions. Series 3 integrates multiple product lines, forming a unified foundation for any deployment scenario, ensuring a singular, seamless user experience.

Furthermore, Series 3 provides full coverage of all AV connectivity protocols, offering compatibility with a wide range of signal management products. This extensive support spans from legacy to advanced protocols, facilitating effortless integration with any preferred collaboration devices.

“With Series 3, we are not just launching a product line, but we are redefining the AV signal management approach. This series is a testament to Kramer’s commitment to continual innovation. As we look ahead, we are excited to keep expanding our offerings, adding more products and solutions to this domain. Our goal is to empower our customers with simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency, ensuring they stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital world.” says Yishai Mescheloff, VP AVSM and Connect .

Series 3 Product Highlights

  • Matrices: Modular, Fixed, and All-in-One Matrices form the core of modern AV systems, offering versatility in professional AV installations. They address all aspects of high-performance signal distribution, switching, processing, including scaling, audio mixing and integrated control interfaces for remote management.
  • Switchers: Our multi-format Series 3 Switchers optimize connectivity for presentations, live events, or home entertainment, providing versatile switching between different sources for a top-tier user experience.
  • Extenders: Series 3 Extenders take audio, visual, and control signals further while preserving their full quality and strength, ensuring flawless signal delivery across diverse environments.
  • Distribution Amplifiers: These high-performance amplifiers ensure that audio and video content reach every screen, speaker, and device in your network with high precision and clarity.
  • Video Processors: Streamline the deployment of multi-view displays and videowalls with cost-effective Series 3 Video Processors, reducing the need for multiple units and complex network infrastructures.

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