KVM Maker Adder Shows Off New Extenders, More

Published: 2016-06-07

Adder Technology, a maker of KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solutions, is highlighting new extenders at InfoComm 2016.

Attendees will get a first look at Adder’s XDIP extender and XD150FX fiber extender.

These AV extension technologies also carry USB and suited for digital signage, broadcast and multimedia applications, where the CPU and display can be separated but still seamlessly managed, according to the company.

The AdderLink XDIP is an IP-based KVM extension technology which enables users to locate computing hardware in secure and temperature controlled environments, away from the user work station or display, while maintaining the original desktop experience.


More from Adder on the AdderLink XDIP:

Each device features an onboard configuration interface for setup and to make live changes. It has no limitation on extension distances and can pass video, USB2.0 and audio along a single minimum spec of CAT5e cable, allowing reuse of existing infrastructure cables in the building. Adding multiple devices also can provide a small scale matrix using a standard switch.

The AdderLink XD150FX fiber extender is a high-performance point-to-point fiber extender with USB2.0 that can transmit high quality video — up to 2560×1600 — and analogue audio over a duplex fibre optic cable. This latest addition to the range includes a built-in level of IP control with the inclusion of a network port, which enables it to be controlled by other systems.

Adder is also demonstrating the Adder C-USB LAN network extender, the Adder RED-PSU power distribution unit (with optional redundancy) and a VGA computer access module (CAM) that complements the range of modules available for the AdderView DDX matrix.

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