Lectrosonics Announces Key Executive Promotions

Published: August 2, 2023
Wes Herron (left) and Karl Wrinkler (right). Images courtesy of Lectrosonics.

The Board of Directors of Lectrosonics, Inc. announced two new promotions to its executive leadership team: the appointment of Wes Herron as president of Lectrosonics, and the promotion of Karl Winkler to executive vice president of product design and distribution. These promotions were announced as current president Gordon Moore retires after 35 years with Lectrosonics. Per a statement, the company is the manufacturer of wireless systems for various markets. These include broadcast, film, music, location sound, houses of worship, live sound and theatrical applications.

Wes Herron as President, Lectrosonics

In his new role, Herron will be responsible for the business management of Lectrosonics. Here, he will oversee all aspects of the business and manufacturing operations. Per the company, Herron has worked with Lectrosonics since 1988. He first started as a machinist and then a mechanical assembler. Additionally, he received degrees along the way, first with a BS in Mechanical Engineering followed with an MBA.

Herron served as the vice president of manufacturing as well as on the Board of Directors of Lectrosonics. According to a statement, his experience and long-term knowledge of the operations at Lectrosonics will assure a smooth transition into the next generations of products. Here, Herron will also ascertain that new technologies, methods of manufacturing and software advances bring new capabilities into the legendary brand.

“I’ve watched Wes develop his professional skills and community involvement over the last 35 years and I’m excited about his vision looking forward,” says Moore. “He has a great team behind him to help him continue the traditions and innovation at Lectrosonics.”

“I am honored and humbled to assume the role of president of Lectrosonics; and am deeply grateful for the support and confidence of the management, design and manufacturing team,” adds Herron. “I am excited for this opportunity to contribute to the company’s continued success. I am [also] extremely enthusiastic about the future opportunities that lie ahead of us.”

Karl Winkler, EVP of Product Design & Distribution, Lectrosonics

Following his promotion, Winkler will bring his extensive market acumen and knowledge of professional audio systems to Lectrosonics. He will thus spearhead the development and design of the next generations of new products for the variety of customers in the different markets.

Together with Herron, Winkler will work closely with the Lectrosonics R&D, design, engineering, sales and marketing teams. In so doing, they will continue to develop and offers customers next-generation products. They will also work to meet the future demands of the ever-changing professional audio landscape. Per the company, Winkler has worked with them since 2004. Currently, he serves as VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Since 2004, I have worked closely with Karl. His in-depth knowledge of customers’ needs in the field, along with his extensive market experience, will help to define our future products and market segments for Lectrosonics,” adds Moore. “Our many friends and valued customers with whom we have worked with so long can look forward to the company’s continuing new ideas, new products. And all with a continuation of the support and quality they have come to expect.”

Winkler adds, “I’ve enjoyed my 19 years with the company so far. I look forward to continuing my work with Wes Herron and our excellent team of people in my new role.”

He continues, “The collaboration and innovation here at Lectrosonics are truly something to behold. As we continue to grow and develop new talent, I look forward to remaining at the forefront of audio technology developments.”

According to Lectrosonics, both promotions will take effect September 9, 2023.

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