Lessons from a Large Venue Integrator

Published: May 9, 2014

Most integrators don’t have large venue clients. Think sports, live music and other large capacity venues. But the industry is affected by those that do in a couple of ways.

When a firm like Purchase, N.Y.-based ANC puts digital signage and Ultra HD video wall technology on display in front of 75,000 attendees it’s often the first time members of that large group are aware that they’re exposed to these innovations.

The integration industry is on display, so we asked ANC chief technology officer Mark Stross to talk about how they present technology. Large venue integrators often face challenges that other market integrators face less often including competing directly with manufacturers and struggling to connect the integrated technology experience in a venue to the phones in customers’ pockets – both embraced by Stross.

It seems like in large venues there is a digital sign in every conceivable space. For large venue integrators is that a good sign or a sign that the market is tapped?

“The market is absolutely not tapped,” Stross explains. “In fact, I’d say we’re just beginning to put signs into arenas. The truth is what we’re about to do in digital signage is we’re about to connect really the software, the integration and the spaces together unlike we’ve ever done before. Social media is just beginning.

“The truth is we want to monitor the audience. We want to know what they like, what they don’t like and we need software that actually integrates all the spaces into a contiguous space. So the truth is this is only the beginning and I’m proud to say at least from my perspective that I’m working very hard to create the integration software that will allow the spaces to merge into one contiguous space.”

In the large venues market integrators often have to compete with manufacturers that provide their own installation. How significant is that?

“It’s very significant, and it’s also really about choice. The nice thing about working with an integrator is you get the ability to bring in the best in class products and services,” says Mark Stross.

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The market for video walls has expanded and so have the possibilities as these projects demonstrate.

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