Leveraging the Digital Workplace with Enterprise Visual Communications

Published: April 21, 2015

As the traditional office space is quickly disappearing, digital signage must evolve to accommodate the demand for internal communications and collaboration throughout a new, digital workplace.

For integrators, this creates the need to reshape the way they plan, integrate and install visual communications solutions in order to align their services with the trends of today’s connected workplaces.

A profusion of personal devices, new collaboration tools and any-screen communications are transforming organizations into digital workplaces where staff members can more effectively interact.

Catalyzed by enterprise visual communications platforms that can connect workforces across the globe, bring real-time collaboration directly to desktops and create instant virtual workspaces, organizations are able to provide more personalized content, improve decision-making and break through the clutter of content delivery.

Integrators must look beyond simply installing hardware, connecting AV and IT to bring all the possibilities of a fast-paced, connected workplace together.

One approach to consider is for integrators to take a visual, channel-based approach, which turns media-rich content into dynamic visual communications. The concept of channels is borrowed from the world of television where there are many channels each catering to different audiences.

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In the enterprise, channels allow companies to focus on certain topics of interest to different departments, making engagement with employees more likely. These can include human resources channels broadcasting new workplace policies, wellness information or upcoming company events.

Channels can also focus on information that is external to the enterprise, such as industry news and financial market indices, providing further context to the information being presented. Channels don’t need to be restricted to traditional digital signage displays — visual communications channels can be extended to videowalls, desktops, and especially mobile devices.

Business intelligence dashboards have also become popular for enterprise visual communications deployments. Designed to better organize and present big data, dashboards collect information from internal and external sources and dynamically present data to decision-makers using graphics such as tickers, maps, and charts.

Combining internal data sources and external information sources provides context to the data, enabling faster and more informed decision-making. Dashboards can be created for executives, division managers, and all the way down to teams within departments, providing a friendlier and more effective way to monitor key performance indicators.

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To support the need for employees to work anytime, anywhere, organizations can also display dashboards on desktops and mobile phones, and even share them with remote workers across the globe. By bypassing traditional office communication methods, which employees are often overloaded with, management is able to establish an uninterrupted communication channel with employees.

By looking at the digital workplace’s requirements as spokes on a wheel rather than static installations, integrators can easily participate in the provision of new enterprise visual communications solutions by simply adding new “spokes” as different collaboration needs arise.

This new visual communications ecosystem is creating a wide range of opportunities for the integrator community, provided they focus on supporting organizations to enhance their productivity, meet specific business objectives, and more effectively engage their workforce.

Maria Porco is vice president of business development for X2O Media, a Barco company. X2O Media is a leading software developer of real-time visual communications solutions that significantly improve communications throughout the enterprise. She can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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