Leyard and Planar Showcase Comprehensive Portfolio of Broadcast Solutions at NAB 2019

Published: April 16, 2019

Leyard and Planar recently announced the addition of a new fine pixel pitch model to its Leyard TVF Series, offering the broadcast industry what it describes as “exceptionally sharp, clear display images—even at close-up viewing distances.”

At NAB 2019, Leyard and Planar showcased the new TVF Series display along with an 8K video wall, on-camera display solutions, as well as a studio solution with fine pixel pitch LED flooring.

“These offerings represent our most extensive set of solutions for the broadcast market yet,” said Kathy Skinski, general manager for broadcast and media at Leyard and Planar, in the company announcement.

“We’ve been hard at work over the past year developing the highest quality media experience aimed at propelling our broadcast customers to the forefront of the industry,” she said.

New Fine Pixel Pitch LED Video Wall

The Leyard TVF Series 1.2millimeter model “delivers clear, crisp images at nearly every angle and viewing distance,” according to the company announcement. It also allows commentators “to distinguish and describe content standing very close to the video wall,” the announcement says. [related]

The Leyard TVF Series is a family of fine pitch LED video wall displays that delivers “superior on-camera performance with a wide range of refresh rates to ensure that it can be used with a variety of on-camera recording needs,” according to the company announcement.

It offers a 27-inch, slim-profile display cabinet, front serviceability and a creative, stackable design. The Leyard TVF 1.2 joins other models available in 1.5-, 1.8- and 2.5-millimeter pixel pitches.

Leyard and Planar also recently introduced their offering in the high contrast ratio and color accuracy of high dynamic range (HDR) content using Leyard LED video wall displays. HDR promises more life-like images with a broader range of color and contrast to create a next-generation visual experience.

The company showcased its Leyard DirectLight X LED video wall system at NAB 2019. This fine-pitch LED video wall system line features built-in processing and the off-board Leyard video controller.

Leyard DirectLight X embeds advanced video processing directly into the product and is available in 0.7-, 0.9-, 1.2-, 1.5- and 1.8-millimeter pixel pitches. It includes a wall mount, full front service access, a mission-critical design for 24×7 reliability and web-based control and management software.

TYF Series, Leyard LED MultiTouch

8K Video Wall

Leyard and Planar also showed off an 8K LED video wall that measured 24 feet wide by 14 feet tall at NAB 2019 composed of Leyard® TWA Series 0.9 millimeter fine pixel pitch LED video wall displays.

The Leyard TWA Series features a 54-inch flat panel design with a 16:9 form factor optimized for high-resolution standards, ease of installation and service, flatness and uniformity.

Studio Solution

Leyard and Planar demonstrated an end-to-end studio solution that combines Leyard LED displays with the Vizrt Viz Engine. The studio set-up showcases an LED video wall and LED floor with graphics and potential for augmented and virtual elements.

Multiple commentators can interact with content at the same time, creating collaborative television production experiences.

On-Camera Solutions

The Leyard fine pixel pitch LED MultiTouch and the new Planar EPX Series are touch screen solutions that can help broadcasters create interactive, on-air experiences.

The Leyard LED MultiTouch offers a seamless interactive LED video wall using Leyard PLTS (Pliable LED Touch Surface) technology and a framing system to provide a multi-user experience. The display offers 32 simultaneous touch points and is available in 108-inch, 151-inch and 196-inch diagonals.

The Planar EPX Series is a line of 100-inch, 4K LCD displays with Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160) that offers a wide color gamut for stunning image quality and deep, rich color reproduction.

It offers 4K resolution for life-like picture quality and 24×7 operation to support extended use. The Planar EPX Touch recognizes up to 20 simultaneous touch points and providing pinpoint clarity and accuracy for users at close viewing distances.


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