Lightware Introduces LEAD Program

Published: April 5, 2023

Lightware Visual Engineering, Hungary-based manufacturer of connectivity solutions for the professional integrated systems market, announced the Lightware Education Audiovisual Developer (LEAD) program. This program will provide exclusive benefits for educational institutions.

According to a statement, the company established LEAD, available globally, to support the specific needs of schools. It did so by providing a reliable, consistent solution for campus-wide connectivity.

Standardized, Campus-Wide Solution

Lightware highlights its ability to create visuals in mission-critical experiences for many popular video and music productions. The company adds that it has a deep-rooted passion for innovation and engineering excellence. This ranges from blockbuster superhero movies to live concerts and productions.

Now, Lightware has invested in engineering innovative room control solutions for campuses that allow teachers to access and control their classroom’s AV equipment seamlessly.

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LEAD thus provides education facilities with resources and benefits to create a standardized, campus-wide solution. The program includes Lightware consultancy and project-design assistance, proof-of-concept tests and demonstrations. It also provides training for technical staff, comprehensive technical support and extended warranty services.

Extended Warranty

Notably, Lightware will extend the standard three-year warranty throughout the entire partnership agreement. Through LEAD, Lightware ensures the education partners have the best and most reliable solutions. With this, they can thus accelerate connectivity and promote efficient learning.

“Many schools have been affected by rising technology costs and a lack of availability from other vendors,” says Roger Takacs, vice president, education for Lightware Visual Engineering. “As a result, they have been forced to move away from technologies they were familiar with. Lightware recognizes the immense benefit of providing a standardized solution. We are committed to ensuring educational facilities around the globe have access to Lightware technologies. We created the LEAD program to help them attain standards and solutions for campus-wide integration.”

Takacs adds, “LEAD not only provides an opportunity for standardization; but it also provides an uncommon opportunity to take part in developing the solutions of tomorrow. The LEAD Program benefits include consultancy and project design assistance, proof-of-concept tests and demonstrations, hands-on technical training, comprehensive technical support and extended warranty services. Most importantly, we are looking to provide peace of mind with the extended warranty.”

As a LEAD partner, schools participating in Lightware’s technology refresh program will receive an extended warranty throughout the entire agreement. This will thus ensure that educational institutions remain confident in their investment. Lightware also notes its investment in building long-term partnerships to provide connectivity solutions. This includes educational facilities, technology integrators, facilities managers and IT managers. As a result, Lightware’s in-house technicians and engineers will collaborate closely with end users and integrators participating in the program. Here, they will gather feedback to accelerate future advancements in connectivity solutions for education.

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