Listen Technologies ListenTALK Walks the Walk at Noisy Infocomm 2017

Published: June 22, 2017
Listen Technologies sees ListenTALK as a valuable communication tool for many integration applications.

Stumbling across a demonstration of Listen Technologies ListenTALK on the crowded InfoComm 2017 show floor was a little bit like finding a lemonade stand while walking through the desert.

With record-breaking attendance it was crowded and loud, particularly in audio section of the show where Listen Technologies exhibited. During many interviews and product demonstrations I found myself leaning in too close for anybody’s comfort in order to hear well enough to scribble my notes.


That was not the case while interviewing Listen Technologies’ Sam Nord. The director of pro AV sales for North America actually used the product he was discussing in order to help me hear the discussion.

ListenTALK is a two-way tour guide and wireless communication system that the company says is more than a transceiver. “It’s an all-in-one device that facilitates communication and collaboration among two or more people in any setting,” according to

It takes less than a second to set up and pair, which Nord demonstrated for me before having me try it for myself. We conducted our interview wearing headphones, easily overcoming the crowd noise.


Applications for integration firms include house of worship, Nord pointed out adding that it’s not hard to think of scenarios across several markets in which the listening device can come in handy. Think corporate training, museum tours, non-traditional education settings, hospital tours and more.

Really, Listen Technologies sees ListenTALK as appropriate for any integration application in which communication is important enough to make sure everybody can hear clearly as it explains in a product synopsis.

More from Listen Technologies on ListenTALK:

Have you ever participated in a tour or training group where the leader had to shout or whisper, depending on the environment, for the group to hear? Then the flow of the presentation is interrupted each time someone asks a question as the presenter must stop and repeat it for everyone to hear. Clear communication between the leader and group is essential for a successful tour or training. If participants can’t hear and collaborate clearly and easily, they stop paying attention.

Facilitating clear group conversations that keep everyone listening and engaged—even in the most challenging environments—requires a new type of mobile communication system. It requires a two-way system that transmits and receives, facilitating three modes of communication: Listen Only, Respond, and Discuss.

ListenTALK from Listen Technologies was created to meet the group collaboration needs for guided tours, corporate training, assistive listening, language interpretation, event production/intercom, houses of worship, hospitality, entertainment, and the performing arts.


ListenTALK is simple: Groups can be configured with the push of a button in the docking station tray or on the go with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. ListenTALK is flexible: Leaders can easily designate one of three participant modes to meet the needs of any venue or setting.


Each ListenTALK is equipped with encryption technology to ensure privacy. Additionally, units can be re-encrypted on the fly with a push of the button.


ListenTALK stands out from the crowd. It uses a 1.9 GHz frequency instead of the overcrowded 2.4 GHz frequency to improve reliability and reduce interference from other wireless technology such as Wi-Fi.

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