Listen Technologies’ New Solutions Are Changing the Discussion Around Assistive Listening

Published: 2016-06-08

Listen Technologies’ InfoComm booth is making an impression at the Vegas-based show this year with live demos of its full product line, including ListenWiFi, ListenRF, ListenIR and ListenLoop.

ListenWiFi, the company’s next generation pro audio solution, provides a personal listening/viewing experience by streaming audio content from any audio source directly to smartphones using a WiFi network.  This solution is scalable to fit most multi-screen and multi-image applications such as fitness clubs or video wall applications. 

“Providing audio on demand via a personal smartphone has created a new value-add to any new or existing video project,” says Peter Papageorge, vice president of sales and marketing, Americas, Listen Technologies. 

“Being able to tap into any video source audio allows customers, employees, students or attendees to choose what they want to listen to for education, entertainment or advertisement. This expanding trend now has WiFi-Audio as the required accessory to any video wall or multi-screen project.”

Listen Technologies’ ListenIR offers infrared (IR) coverage and is an affordable solution for assistive listening, language translation or other wireless audio applications.

“With RF-like sound, twice the power and massive coverage of 30,000 sq. ft., Listen IR transmits clear, focused audio privately to the intended audience,” says Papageorge. 

Listen Technologies’ booth is also demonstrating ListenRF, which provides high-quality transmitters and receivers for any assistive listening application in venues ranging from houses of worship and theater to stadiums where a larger RF signal is required. The ListenRF is available in 72 MHz, 150 MHz and 216 MHz.

Perhaps most notable is the company’s new D Series Digital Sigan Processing (DSP) network-controlled drivers for its ListenLoop system, powered by Ampetronic.

“Listen has the largest amp solution with the New MLD14 and provides Ethernet conductivity and is compatible with LoopWorks for the most state of the art loop installation process,” says Papageorge. 

“Listen Technologies continues to expand technologies for assistive and personal listening applications. Reengineering the ALS platform with IDSP receiver technology for RF and IR has addressed the challenges for the end user and the venue. WiFi Audio systems expands the application to new personal listening solutions that our society expects in future communication installations.”

Papageorge says WiFi Audio is creating a new discussion around assistive listening and is providing a new solution for integrator’s customers.

“People expect to use their smartphone for many applications and in many venues. IR and IDSP help change the dialog for assistive listening and the new laws, combined with cost effective solutions, are making a tremendous impact.”

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