Live at NSCA BLC Podcast: NSCA Brass Bat Around Issues

Published: March 4, 2014

One of the big NSCA announcements during its 2014 Business & Leadership Conference in Dallas was that Michael Hester of Beacon Communications will become the group’s next president in summer of 2014. Hester is excited (watch), but it’s a bitter-sweet time for current president Ingolf de Jong of GENCOMM.

During the podcast, he talked about the changing of the guard.

It has “been an absolute privelege to rub shoulders” with NSCA members, he said. “Michael Hester, I’ve known him for a number of years and he’s going to be great as president. He’s prepared. He has a very successful business.

AV Nation & CI Live at NSCA BLC

Tim Albright, founder and president of AV Nation, worked hand-and-hand with CI’s editorial team to cover NSCA’s 2014 Business & Leadership Conference.

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Top of mind for him, as it has been for us, is continuing education and improving people’s businesses. And it’s going to be a great transition. It will be wonderful.”

NSCA executive director Chuck Wilson, Sennheiser’s Dawn Birr and CI’s Tom LeBlanc joined AV Nation founder and host Tim Albright to discuss other issues—including why integrators should feel comfortable discussing issues with their colleagues and perceived competitors.

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