Luxul Unveils High-Power 802.11AC Wireless Router

Published: 2013-09-26

For the past few years the residential market has been utilizing commercial products to satisfy the increasing demand of large home installations that require more than just an off-the-shelf retail networking solution. CEDIA Expo 2013 in Denver, therefore, is a good spot for Luxul to unveil its three robust new wireless routers.

Highlighting Luxuls new series is the XWR-1750. Luxul says this router employs the state-of-the-art 802.11ac protocol and it provides up to 1,750Mbits of throughput. The XWR-1750 is said to be the first series of concurrent dual-band routers from the company, and according to Luxul, the XWR-1750 can be used for moderate size homes and small office environments.

The XWR-1750 operates in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum bands, and it uses Luxul’s Xen3D signal enhancement technology on both bands to improve performance. 

Through the combination of the dual frequency bands and its Xen3D technology, Luxul says the XWR-1750 supports the ability to stream high-quality media at faster speeds over greater distances to multiple devices.

Luxul states the XWR-1750 is designed specifically for dealers and it includes features that expedite the setup and installation processes.

The other new routers offer dealers a choice of commercial-grade broadband and a concurrent dual-band 600N wireless router to provide dealers with a greater selection of products to meet a wider variety of client needs.

Luxul’s new broadband and concurrent dual-band routers can be combined with its managed and un-managed Gigabit Ethernet switches, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and wireless access points (WAPs) to form complete network systems. 

Click for Luxul’s press release.

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