Mad Systems Announces Acquisition of LehmanAVC

Published: 2016-05-12

Consolidation in the industry continues in May with Mad Systems‘ acquisition of Orlando-based LehmanAVC.

The move creates a technology company specializing in audio video and the development of sensor based and electro-mechanical interactives on both the East and West Coast. 

According to the company announcement, the deal enables Mad Systems to provide East Coast based architects, designers, consultant and fabricators with AV design and installation support from a local source.

LehmanAVC brings its knowledge of the national and international theme park and related technology markets as well as its technical knowledge, project management, marketing and sales skills to the Mad Systems’ team.

Given Mad Systems’ background in audio, video and interactive exhibits and systems, as well as its experience designing and installing systems in major museums, visitor centers and theaters, Tricia Rodriguez, president of Mad Systems, believes the deal “will enhance Mad Systems’ market knowledge and capabilities” in addition to increasing the company’s reach on the East Coast.

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“Having a permanent presence on the East Coast will increase our reach and help us to serve our market even better,” says Rodriguez in the news release. “Together we’ll be able to provide our clients with innovative designs, cost-effective solutions and installation and local support that will further enhance Mad Systems’ position in the market.”

Rodriguez further states that LehmanAVC’s clients will continue to work with Eric Lehman supported by Mad Systems on design, development, installation and maintenance.

In describing his decision to join forces with Mad Systems, Lehman says it was an opportunity to increase LehmanAVC’s market share and allow the company to grow.

“Mad Systems is a boutique technology company with a great reputation providing unique and creative technology solutions to its clients for many years. We have been discussing the type of opportunities this would provide for both our companies for some time now.”

“Mad’s unique nature combined with our knowledge of the markets will allow us to grow. Better accessibility to both coasts will enable us to increase our market share. Not only that—this is an opportunity to work with friends and continue to build a great company to make it even better.”

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