Marantz 70th Anniversary Champions ‘Never-Ending Pursuit of Excellence’

Published: July 19, 2023
(Center) Composer and activist Max Richter and broadcaster and journalist Clemency Burton-Hill (right) added insights to the Marantz 70th Anniversary event at Spring Studios in New York City.

Recently at an event in New York City, I joined Marantz to commemorate the venerable audio brand — among the elite audio companies under the Masimo Consumer (formerly Sound United) umbrella — marking seven decades.

Over three days, Marantz welcomed dealers, customers, media members and brand aficionados to Spring Studios in New York City for a 70th Anniversary celebration to remember.

The experience included a museum that showcased Marantz’s legacy, incorporating historic pieces in the history of hi-fi. Indeed, the collection was composed of artifacts flown in from Shirakawa Audio Works in Japan, as well as pieces lent by Kevin Zarow, a longtime Marantz veteran who looks after the company’s Americas operations. Plus, there was a headphone bar stocked with Marantz amplifiers and Denon headphones, giving attendees an incredible musical experience that highlighted its performance and versatility.

In keeping with Marantz’s brand prestige, as well as its roots in delivering sensorial delights, the company even offered a custom blend of Marantz coffee from Intelligentsia Coffee and a wine list curated by master sommelier Grant Reynolds.

Marantz 70th Anniversary Listening Demo Is Music to Attendees’ Ears

Speaking personally, the highlight of the Marantz 70th anniversary experience was definitely going into the listening room, where assembled media members had a genuine Marantz audio experience, curated by Blake Mills.

We listened to the music through a two-channel system powered by the AMP 10 amplifier and AV 10 preamplifier/processor from Marantz, with front left/right CT7.3s and two DB1 subwoofers from Bowers & Wilkins.

Marantz logo on the wall.

Marantz has been synonymous with high-performance sonics since Saul Marantz founded it in 1953.

Among Mills’ song choices were Juan García Esquivel’s “So Rare,” Curtis Mayfield’s “Blue Monday People,” Sam Gendel’s “Super Woke Dada” and Pino Palladino’s “Just Wrong.” The 20-minute listening session was a sonic experience to remember. Shortly afterward, the gathered group watched a fascinating podcast recording, featuring composer and activist Max Richter and broadcaster and journalist Clemency Burton-Hill.

By the time I caught up with Gary Dayton, senior product marketing manager, Marantz, there could be no mystery about his abundant enthusiasm. After all, he helped architect the anniversary celebration, whose foundational vision was to create visibility for artistic expression. “All of us at Marantz are passionate music lovers,” Dayton stated. “And we’re passionate about art and movies and playback. So, we want to maximize our own experiences with good quality, and we think we’ve got a lot of likeminded individuals out there.”

The thrumming crowd at Spring Studios just proved the point, underscoring Saul Marantz’s prescience on the enduring value of improving sound. “We’re just grateful that a company like Marantz can exist for 70 years [and] give us a forum to monetize our enthusiasm,” Dayton added, reflecting his colleagues’ and his deep appreciation.

As our conversation closed, Dayton addressed the high standards that the current Marantz team challenges itself to meet to maintain the sterling reputation it has built over seven decades. “We definitely feel a responsibility to the heritage of the brand,” he explained. “Not only to maintain a high level of quality through every touchpoint but to continue to look for opportunities to improve.”

In that way, Marantz’s past and future intertwine. Pointing to everything from products and manufacturing to processes and customer service, Dayton summed up the company’s continuing driving force: “Our thread through the 70th anniversary is this never-ending pursuit of excellence.”

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