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Published: June 22, 2017
Media Solutions' MS-TestPro handheld in-field testing tool for HDBaseT systems and cabling now generates a certification report.

Media Solutions debuted a new feature for its MS-TestPro handheld in-field testing HDBaseT systems and cabling testing device at InfoComm 2017.

Installers can now generate an MS-TestPro HDBaseT Certification Report, which generates a certification report, inspects the quality of each cable installed and simplifies the installation of HDBaseT networks, including compatibility with the 4K format.

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It also aims to reduce installation time, according to Eliran Toren, co-founder and CEO of Media Solutions, who gave the booth presentation for CI at InfoComm. The MS-TestPro generates a report after a very short test, indicating the quality of various installation parameters. These include detail information about link quality, link status of the transmitter and receiver, pixel clock, HDBaseT link chip type, cable length, and user-friendly graphs summarizing the overall information.

Toren says these link, configuration, and ‘basic test’ categories of use will allow installers to know exactly what they have on their hands. The basic test makes the process even simpler for integrators by providing a base understanding of whether or not the setup meets HDbT protocols.

“The HDBaseT report generator tool can analyze data automatically collected by the MS-TestPro and create a report detailing the quality of an HDBaseT-routed cable. The report can be then transferred to a computer or even to a smartphone,” says Toren.

“This is a great opportunity for professional AV installers and integrators. For the first time ever, they can inspect the HDBaseT installation quality within less than a minute while in the field, detecting any possible failures on the line,” he says.

More from Media Solution’s MS-TestPro Press Release:

The MS-TestPro is currently available for US$1395 for the Touch Screen Model with a built-in 3.5” touch screen (MS102TD) and US$1695 for the Wi-Fi Client Model, with 3.5” screen, built-in HDMI pattern generator (MS103TDs).

From June 5th through June 30th, a special 10% discount with free international shipping will be offered.

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