MultiTouch interactive displays at Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction

Published: 2014-08-08

MultiTouch has announced the launch of two large interactive display systems in the new Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction at the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex. The exhibit pays tribute to the space shuttle Atlantis, the last shuttle to enter space, and provides guests with more than 60 interactive touchscreen experiences and high-tech simulators.

Among the installations is the International Space Station (ISS) wall, one single large interactive display wall comprised of seven 55″ MultiTaction Cells. To tell the story of the ISS, the wall offers a look into the past and provides a real-time snapshot of the present. The ISS wall includes interactive 3D models and shows the assembly process of the space station, while engaging animations depict a ‘day in the life’ of an ISS crew member. Visitors can also experience scientific experiments and expeditions, receive live feeds from space, and even find out when the space station will be passing over their house by simply entering their postal code.

In order to bring shuttle programme highlights to life, MultiTaction Cells were also used in the Shuttle Transportation System Timeline. This installation is comprised of six 55″ MultiTaction Cells integrated into one tilted table and engages guests with fun facts and stunning graphics about the shuttle program. The timeline features key dates and milestones, mission highlights, ‘edge of your seat’ moments and facts on the crews, expeditions, payloads, spacewalks, experiments, launches and landings, astronomy facts, and more.

“This particular attraction required a visually-stimulating experience that can handle hundreds of concurrent visitors,” explains Timo Korpela, general manager of MultiTouch. “With our ability to build interactive surfaces at any size, with ultra-high graphics resolution and support for an unlimited number of concurrent users, our displays are the ideal solution. MultiTouch displays look and feel like a natural part of this magnificent space exhibition and pay tribute to NASA’s incredible 30-year programme.”


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