Nanolumens and Smart Monkeys Partner on NanoSuite

Published: 2023-05-26

Nanolumens, innovators of visionary DVLED solutions, has partnered with Smart Monkeys on NanoSuite, powered by ISAAC. Per a statement, the new product targets designers and system integrators. Here, NanoSuite acts as a powerful tool to control, monitor and manage complex display systems. The partnership between Nanolumens and Smart Monkeys thus brings years of expertise and knowledge of controlling displays with reliable solutions.

Brice McPheeters, vice president of product and planning for Nanolumens, expands on the partnership. He remarks, “We’ve worked alongside Smart Monkeys on several complex projects which made them the perfect partner to help us tackle broader display-management issues that plague our partners. For years, the industry has struggled with controlling large display systems both from an infrastructure and operational standpoint. When we designed NanoSuite we started by taking everything our partners loved and hated about managing displays and used that as the roadmap for development.”

“The result is a tiered data approach that gives users the ability to monitor their Nanolumens display performance, control and schedule displays, manage content, review historical performance, and troubleshoot from the single interface in a staggered way. This development provides system integrators a way to keep their NOCs clean and actionable; [and] gain a significant amount of troubleshooting and response capability,” McPheeters then adds.

Stephan Villet, managing partner, Smart Monkeys, also comments, “NanoSuite and the ISAAC system can work completely local, on-premises (On-Prem), via API or through remote access offering the utmost in show control. We’re proud to power Nanolumens’ displays with ISAAC to support our clients on a more long-term basis. NanoSuite is versatile and is supported by browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari.”


He then continues, “This integrated solution is just the beginning of this partnership. Stay tuned for more on the immediate horizon from this strategic partnership.”

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