NanoLumens Appoints Fran Dramis Chairman of Board

Published: October 7, 2015

NanoLumens has chosen F.A. (Fran) Dramis as its chairman of the board, pouncing at the chance to add one of the country’s leading IT visionaries to lead the company as it looks to continue its growth.

“We are honored to have Fran Dramis assume the position of Chairman of the Board,” NanoLumens CEO Rick Cope said in a statement announcing Dramis’ selection. “His experience and track record of business success is going to provide our management team with a new level of insight that will help to continue our successful growth in the global markets we serve.”

Dramis is the CEO of F. Dramis LLC, a technology consulting and investment firm. He also serves on the private company board of Catavolt and is on the advisory boards of Virima, Voyager Capital, kwantera, and we&co. Dramis is also the co-founder of Urjanet, an energy data management firm, and is a limited partner in Seraph, a super angel investing group.

Previously, he served on the private boards of RealOps Inc., US Oncology (Chair of Technology Committee) as well as on the public boards of WebMethods, Inc., Avocent Corporation, Ditech Networks and Netezzza.

Dramis was formerly the chief information, e-commerce and security officer for BellSouth Corp., founded CIO Strategy, Inc., an information technology consulting firm, and was managing director and CIO at Salomon Brothers.

Early in his career, Dramis worked with AT&T, including Bell Labs, as executive director of information product management.

“I have had the honor of serving on many boards throughout my career, and, while each of the companies I have served are unique, NanoLumens is truly involved with empowering the transformation of an entire industry,” Dramis said in the company’s announcement.

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