Neoti Launches the Ultra High Definition UHD89 Display Series

Published: August 31, 2022

Neoti recently released the Ultra High Definition UHD89 LED Display Series. It represents the newest product in the Bluffton, Ind.-based company’s extensive line. Neoti is, of course, a prominent player in the manufacture of direct-view-LED video displays. The UHD89’s 8:9 cabinet size and consolidated pixel pitches allow for more flexibility in sizing. What’s more, the product simplifies design choices and installation.

From Neoti chief technical officer Aaron Kipfer’s perspective, manufacturers tend to offer many different product lines that, he says, “…overlap in a way that makes product selection a tedious task.” Kipfer continues, “When developing Neoti’s UHD89 series, we worked to consolidate pixel pitches from 0.9mm to 3.7mm.” That, he adds, makes selection and designing much simpler.

The UHD89 Cabinet Size

The 8:9 cabinet size of UHD89 allows for 16:9 designs as well as creative layouts. Indeed, this means that, for building faceted-curve displays, designers can achieve tighter curves. In fact, radii can be as tight as 18 feet, nine inches.

“Our UHD89’s unique 8:9 aspect ratio reduces overall panel-to-panel and module-to-module seams in a display by 60%, [as] compared to traditional narrow-pixel-pitch displays,” Kipfer states. He adds, “The result is a smoother and more flexible display for any indoor environment.”

Another noteworthy benefit of the UHD89’s size is that fewer cabinets are required for displays. This, of course, results in quicker installations.

As noted, UHD89 panels are available in pixel pitches from 0.94mm to 3.75mm. What’s more, the panels offer a viewing angle of 160°/160° (h/v), diode types that support 16- and 18-bit color depth, and optional impact protection. Those factors make the series suitable for implementing demanding indoor ultra-high-definition applications. Those, of course, include broadcast, higher education, corporate spaces, retail signage and other applications that aim to create exceptional experiences.

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