Netflix TV Series ‘House of Cards’ Puts AMX in the White House

Published: March 27, 2015

AMX technology is no stranger to the world of TV, with AMX control panels being used to control a ship in Warner Bros’ The Matrix, or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character controlling his entertainment and home systems in Disney’s The Game Plan.

Most recently, the producers of the Netflix TV Series House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, contacted AMX to ensure they got every detail right in their recreation of the U.S. White House Situation Room and White House Press Briefing Room.

In real life, both locations as well as several others use AMX control panels to conduct daily White House business.

AMX hoped that the show would feature its more modern looking Modero X Series control panels, but House of Cards decided it wanted the exact models of each of AMX’s Modero control panels currently being used in the real White House.

So where is Kevin Spacey’s character, President Frank Underwood, using AMX in the show?

AMX control panels first appeared in Season Two, Episode Ten. In the photos in the slideshow, you can see several 10″ and 7″ Modero control panels in the Situation Room on the walls and in front of the President.

In Season Three, they can be seen several more times in the Situation Room as well as in the podium of the Press Briefing Room.

Go inside the White House slideshow.

Or watch the video below of the real White House UC technology:

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