New Panasonic CQ1 Series 4K Displays Target Collaborative Content

Published: 2019-07-09
Panasonic CQ1 Series

Originally launched at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2019), Panasonic Business says it has completed the expansion of its 4K display range with six new products in its Panasonic CQ1 Series designed for use in collaborative spaces.

Available from 43 to 86 inches, Panasonic says the series will provide high picture quality with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) and support 4K/60p signals to create engaging imagery with intricate detail for presentations and information display in meeting rooms, classrooms, and offices.

More on the Panasonic CQ1 Series (via press release):

All displays feature 400 cd/m2 brightness with the two largest displays featuring In Plane Switching panels which maintain high colour accuracy and clear visibility from all viewing angles. [related](TH-86CQ1/TH-75CQ1). Equally, the smaller display panels feature vertical alignment technology (TH/65CQ1/TH-55CQ1/TH-50CQ1/TH-43CQ1).

Another feature of the series is the provision of 16 hours maintenance free operation, and basic terminals which support HDMI CEC to control connected devices from a single remote with external device control over RS-232C/LAN networks. This centralizes the management of the device, making it more accessible for a range of users.

Installation is also simplified with built-in speakers and basic terminals, for immediate use without the need for external devices. In addition, the series is VESA compliant, enabling use of general-purpose mounting brackets.

“The CQ1 series was designed for lower budget organisations that require the freedom to collaborate, while being willing to compromise on the higher level of brightness and maintenance free operation that the EQ1 and SQ1 series can offer,” says Huong Thanh Ngo, European product manager for Panasonic Business.

“For instance, in an education space where displays are mainly used for information sharing, 400cd/m2 is still deemed a good level of brightness while being suited to shorter running times.”

All six new display models will be available from September 2019 (TH-86CQ1/ TH-75CQ1/ TH-65CQ1/ TH-55CQ1/ TH-50CQ1/ TH-43CQ1), according to the company.

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