No Engine? No Problem: NewTek LiveGraphics Software Allows for a Real-Time Motion Graphics

Published: 2018-04-19

The NewTek LiveGraphics real-time motion graphics software recently debuted at the 2018 NAB Show in Las Vegas. [related]

NewTek says LiveGraphics provides a new way to create real-time motion graphics without the need of proprietary hardware graphic engines.

“Dynamic graphics are key to elevating your show—to take it from looking good to outstanding. For years, you’ve been able to choose good, which typically meant faster and cheaper, or great, which meant expensive and complex,” says Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO, NewTek.

“We looked at the tools people are using and realized that the challenge wasn’t in creating the next traditional broadcast graphics system, but in developing an entirely new workflow for the most popular, most widely used graphics applications on the planet: Adobe Photoshop CC and After Effects CC. The end result is fully animated titling accessible to millions of artists.”

Newtek says that with its new LiveGraphics solution, content authored in Adobe Photoshop CC and After Effects CC is available for live output from its TriCaster TC1 and NewTek IP Series products.

During these scenarios users can replace text and images, which NewTek emphasizes “delivers on the promise of Adobe Creative Cloud in real time.”

Newtek LiveGraphics System is Easy to Use

Assembling a solution that includes LiveGraphics is simple, according to NewTek.

NewTek LiveGraphics, real-time motion graphics

The setup process starts with LiveGraphics creator, which is a plugin used within Adobe After Effects to allow users to create real-time graphics.

NewTek says users can create complex layer presets and text effects across multiple layers simultaneously with offsets. Users just have to import a Photoshop file with the LiveGraphics Creator plugin, and compositions are automatically completed.

Users can animate and preview in After Effects, and a single button push exports the newly created content and instructions into a package for import into a TriCaster TC1 or IP Series media buffer with 10 channels of real-time graphics and presets.

The company adds that, once loaded into a live production environment, text and image fields are manually replaceable, and they can also be connected to any data source using native Datalink functionality.

NewTek will ship LiveGraphics later this year with more than 100 customizable templates that are ready to use. Learn more here.

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