Panasonic to Address the Latest Innovations in AV Technology During Virtual Event June 30

Published: 2020-06-29

In today’s remote environment, many businesses are having to rethink how they connect with their audiences, deliver immersive experiences and encourage productivity and collaboration.

AV technology – including projectors, displays and professional video equipment – is “proving to be a key differentiator, whether in the classroom or a corporate environment, across houses of worship and museums or for other live events and entertainment initiatives,” a Panasonic announcement says.

Panasonic will host a virtual broadcast June 30 during which experts will “discuss the various trends and challenges impacting these industries and the importance of equipping teams with advanced technology to improve collaboration and produce more compelling, dynamic content,” the announcement says

Experts from Panasonic’s Professional Imaging and Visual Solutions team will host the 30-minute Innovations in AV Technology session that will touch on some of the company’s solutions in various vertical markets.


“Today’s environment is forcing a number of industries, including education, corporate, and live events, to rethink how they’re delivering immersive experiences and assess the tools they have in place to increase productivity and collaboration,” the Panasonic announcement says.

“Now more than ever before, AV professionals are searching for turnkey and flexible solutions that not only deliver streamlined and impactful productions, but also create productive learning and work environments,” according to the company announcement.

More About Innovations in AV Technology Event

During the virtual event, Panasonic staffers “will address the challenges brought on by these trends and showcase the solutions necessary to equip customers with advanced technologies to improve collaboration and produce more compelling, dynamic content,” the company announcement says.

“We’ll detail our strategy for delivering immersive and exciting experiences for live entertainment as well as our initiatives to increase productivity and collaboration in education and corporate environments,” according to the Panasonic announcement.

Attendees of the Panasonic Innovations in AV Technology session will learn about “turnkey solutions for streamlined and impactful productions” and “flexible solutions for creating productive learning and work environments.”

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