People & Places: HB Communications Partners with Ramp, Enhances Video Strategy

Published: December 29, 2016

Integration firm HB Communications recently entered a partnership with Ramp, and it’s a pretty big deal.

Tom LeBlanc shared his thoughts on the partnership in a recent CI blog, arguing that the HB and Ramp partnership is a big deal because of what it says about how some large integration firms see their role in solving their customers’ challenges:

Customers are using video more so than ever before—particularly large customers with national or global footprints. Integration firms should prepare to be full-service, soup-to-nuts video providers. Whether it’s through in-house or third-party offerings, they should provide expert solutions and service for video content creation, management and distribution.

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Those companies that do not provide expert solutions and service for video content creation, management and distribution, LeBlanc warns, might watch as their customers find integration firms that are evolving with their needs.

One such firm is HB Communications, but that evolution began long before the recent Ramp partnership. The Ramp move, however, offers several windows into HB’s video strategy: Click here to learn 5 ways the Ramp partnership shows HB Communications is serious about video.

Other news in the industry in December includes Almo expanding its distribution partnership with Milestone to include Vaddio products, AVAD announcing a new director of commercial sales and a new VP of operations, Biamp announcing a new president and CEO, and much more.

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