Modern Trends in dvLED: 3 Questions with Planar

Published: April 13, 2020

dvLED has expanded to such a broad category of products. We sat down with Steve Seminario, VP product development at Planar, to learn more about what they’re seeing in the market.

Commercial Integrator: What should integrators know about the differences between LED & LCD video wall technology?

Steve Seminario: In close viewing distance walls, grow rates for fine-pitch LED have really blown-through LCD’s. Seamless walls are more desirable and LED affords advantages besides that, too: installation flexibility, ease of doing corners, and the choice of pitch. The variety of price point and image quality is nice to give your customers pricing options.

CI: You mention flexibility – what kind of customization are you seeing in LED options?

SS: Customization is big – we realized that LCD is a 46- or 55-inch block. But with LED, brightness level, aspect ratio, material options, all of these aspects are flexible and available for different situations.

Integrators are getting very creative with their installations. We have a standard set of products, but we also have a design team helping installers on custom installations. Customers are presently using lots of our flexible products to make convex or concave solutions; column-wrapping; getting perfect 90-degree corners; floors & ceilings; mobile units; transparency is also cropping up.

CI: OLED – are you seeing adoption of it? Where is it being used?

SS: I’d say the thing about it is that it grabs peoples’ attention. We’ve been showing transparent OLED for years but it remains the most eye-catching technology at trade show booths. We see it in live events and museums; retail; broadcast for on-air studio backdrops.

Transparent OLED provides another tool to interact with something without closing off a backdrop, such as in those news studios.

Learn more about Planar dvLED solutions on the company’s website and by watching the video above.

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