4K Display Sales Quadrupled in a Year, According to PMA Research Study

Published: November 7, 2017

PMA Research, a global research company, has just published its latest study which finds the 32-inch and larger 4K display market is growing.

UHD 4K displays, PMA Research, 4K display“The September 2017 PMA Research Distributor Flat Panel Tracking Report” analyzes flat-panel display products sold in the U.S. by AV/IT distributors and Pro AV integrators that serve the commercial market.

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According to PMA Research’s numbers, sales of professional UHD 4K displays quadrupled in volume from the previous year.

The research company estimates that in the AV and IT distribution channel accounted for 21 percent of revenues and 11 percent of volume. PMA Research says Samsung was the top-selling manufacturer of 4K displays, highlighting these three products as top-performers: the QM65H, the QM49H and the U32H850UMN.

Following the three Samsung models, LG’s 70UW340C, 55UV340C and 75UV340C finished as the fourth, fifth and sixth most popular 4K display products.

4K Display Market Categorized in These Areas:

  • Corporate/Government account for 30 percent of display sales
  • Digital Signage (built-in media players) account for 24 percent of sales
  • Commercial TVs (not hotel) account for 23 percent
  • Desktop monitors take up 18 percent
  • Interactive Displays (mostly education) make up 4 percent of sales

PMA Research adds that UHD 4K models comprised 43 percent of the overall revenue share in September of 2017. This figure the represents the second highest revenue share for 4K models after the record amount of 49 percent in August of 2017.

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More from the recently-published study on UHD 4K displays:

In the Pro AV channel, UHD models comprised 43% of the overall revenue share in September 2017, which was the second highest revenue share for UHD models, after the record 49% revenue share set in August 2017.

Samsung was also the top-seller of UHD 4K models through the Pro AV channel with the QM85D and QM65H as the number one and number two best-selling models. Following in the third spot was SMART with the 6265-V2.

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