Powersoft’s solar-powered DEVA systems selected for multimedia festival installation

Published: July 20, 2014

One of the key interactive installations at the first Diffrazioni Multimedia Festival – which took place at Bardini Museum in Firenze, Italy – featured multiple DEVA audio messaging and video capture devices from Powersoft.

Conceived as a metaphor for life, Alfonso Belfiore’s ‘SPAWN make the game’ used DEVA equipment scattered throughout the park, spreading music and taking pictures while communicating with each other.

Six solar-powered DEVAs were placed in the garden of the Bardini Museum, playing audio files and detecting the movement of visitors, while taking a picture sequence. DEVA then provided frames via wifi to a computer which stored the captured ‘memories’ and, through an algorithm in Max/MSP, was able to recompose them in movie sequences. 

DEVA is a patented multifunctional device that enables audio messaging and video capture. It is equipped with several sensors (microphone, presence detector, twilight switch, temperature/humidity/pressure measurement) and accessories such as LED lights.

Belfiore explains: “As in a video game, the appearance of a new character (‘Spawn’) is the event that opens up new possibilities and opportunities. Thus, for the visitor, the discovery of their image within the work is the acknowledgment of the inevitable participation of one’s being to the history and life, while the transfigured vision of its image fully reveals new aspects of their identity with the eyes of others.”

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