Premier Mounts’ DSE 2017 Stint Focused on LED Mounts, Problem-Solving

Published: March 27, 2017
This quick-serve restaurant installation features Premier Mounts' UMB mounts, one of myriad offerings they'll show at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

Premier Mounts has been living up to its lofty name in the past six months taking what co-CEO Rich Pierro calls “a leadership position” in the LED mount market, with more than two dozen new offerings since the fall, including the narrow pitch direct-view LED mount.

Those and many of the company’s other latest offerings will be on display in the Premier Mounts booth at

This American Airlines Arena VIP restaurant in Miami uses Premier LMVS mounts.

Digital Signage Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, where the company will have what Pierro says are the biggest large-format mounts on the DSE show floor.

But please don’t get insulted if you stop by Premier Mounts’ DSE booth and you don’t see Pierro or someone else you expect to be there. Part of the appeal of the show, says Pierro, is the ability to connect with previous customers and discuss new opportunities with existing ones or prospects.

“We sometimes leave the show floor to talk about possible new projects,” says Pierro. But that doesn’t mean the booth will be empty. Premier Mounts sends enough staff to Vegas to ensure new business can be conducted while visitors to the booth are greeted by someone who can answer their questions.

“We want to turn our booth into a conversation about how people are reimagining their spaces,” says Pierro. “We want end users in our booth talking about problems they’re having. Nobody’s experiencing their pains like they are. We have a very high close ratio and that’s because we have or can make solutions to their problems if we know what they are.”

DSE represents “a key show to announce menu board and LED mounts,” says Pierro and a place for a lot of discussions with end users. Pierro has noticed more end users in recent years at DSE, saying they likely are “wanting to get closer to these solutions.”

Vegas represents a place for Premier Mounts to show off its products in projects from gaming to security to hotels. The company can be seen in both indoor and outdoor projects, with one of the recent highlights being the Budweiser Beer Garden at the Paris Las Vegas on the Strip.

The growth in international visitors also represents new opportunities for Premier Mounts to explore, says Pierro.

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