Pros & Cons of Strategic Business Alliances

Published: February 21, 2012

Over the past few years we have seen a shift in the commercial integration business. Like most industries, we have been impacted by the changing external environment.

As business became a bit scarcer due to shrinking budgets and nixed capital projects, we saw new competitive forces such as electrical and voice/data contractors begin to aim at the commercial integrator business.

With shift can come fear, but with change we also often find opportunity.

While some of the new competitors are choosing to go at it alone, many are not. Diversification during a tough economic time may seem appealing to some, but others are clinging tightly to their core businesses.

We all know that system integration is complex work and isn’t something companies can pick up over night. This expertise, when paired with the right partner, can yield more business opportunities for your company.

Every partnership has unique aspects to it and depending on your company’s direction, some may work better than others. Here are several key partnerships to consider pursuing along with some key considerations for each.

Click here for 7 Key Partnerships to Consider.

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