QSC Bringing Q-SYS Enterprise Core Processors to InfoComm 2017

QSC Q-SYS Enterprise Core processors, which will be at InfoComm 2017, utilize standard Dell server hardware and the Q-SYS real-time operating system.

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QSC Bringing Q-SYS Enterprise Core Processors to InfoComm 2017

QSC, LLC, recently announced new additions to the Q-SYS Enterprise Core category with the new Q-SYS Enterprise Core processors.

Running exclusively on Dell server hardware, the Q-SYS Enterprise Core processors “combine the processing capabilities of the Q-SYS real-time operating system with the Dell R730XL hardware platform,” according to the company announcement. “The result is the only IT-grade solution available on the market that brings audio, video, and control (AV&C) processing into the data center.”

The Q-SYS Enterprise Core processors “represent the first fully integrated AV&C solution demonstrating the future of the industry and its shift towards standards-based IT platforms,” according to the QSC press release.

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Here’s more about the QSC Q-SYS Enterprise Core processors:

The use of standard, mainstream hardware reflects a typical enterprise IT environment and provides several benefits, particularly for corporate clients and global enterprises, including:

  • Centralized Shared Resource: Enterprises can take advantage of the corporate infrastructure and place Q-SYS Core processors alongside other building-wide IT services such as VoIP, UC&C, as well as security and access control servers. Both the Q-SYS Core 2200 and Core 5200 processors provide up to 512×512 network audio channels while offering an abundance of raw processing power. The Q-SYS Core 2200 offers 128 built-in, fully routable acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) processors while the Q-SYS Core 5200 offers 256 AEC processors.
  • Flexibility: Provides the ability to serve all meeting, conferencing, presentation and lobby spaces from a single platform designed from the outset to provide full AV&C requirements for AV/IT environments.
  • Simplicity and Familiarity: Utilizes common hardware familiar to IT managers worldwide with integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) for simple integration with existing IT asset management and monitoring tools.
  • Reliability: World-renowned robust engineering found in the Dell R730XL server platform provides IT users with peace of mind that its AV&C solution is built on industry-leading hardware, designed to last, with standard features such as dual redundant networking and hot swappable power supplies and fans.

“The Q-SYS Platform is an operating system environment built on an open ecosystem that allows QSC to offer its corporate users a truly IT-centric platform,” says TJ Adams, senior director of installed systems product management at QSC. “We first debuted this capability as a technology demonstration at ISE 2017. Now that these products have arrived, this paradigm shift is poised to change the way our industry deploys future enterprise-wide AV&C systems.”

The Q-SYS Platform

Conceived from the outset as a fully integrated audio, video and control platform, Q-SYS is a software-based solution built on an open IT-friendly ecosystem. It uniquely leverages the power of Intel processing, the robustness and mission-critical reliability of a real-time Linux operating system alongside mainstream networking technology utilizing IEEE standards for simple integration with modern network environments.

This approach makes the Q-SYS Platform highly extensible and provides the ability to bring in inputs and outputs using a vast array of analog, digital and networking technologies. The Q-SYS Platform uses IT-centric hardware and networking technology to provide a complete end-to-end solution tailored towards modern AV/IT deployments.

The Q-SYS Core 2200 and Core 5200 processors will be on display and in use in QSC’s InfoComm 2017 booth (5645). Attendees can also learn more during a 15-minute in-booth presentation.

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