QSC Touch Screen Controller Adds to Popular Line of Q-SYS Products

Published: July 26, 2017

The Costa Mesa, Calif.-based manufacturer QSC has announced its new TSC-47W-G2 Q-SYS Touch Screen Controller.

QSC says that its latest product complements its Q-SYS systems and provides integrators with an interface solution that installs quickly, and without the need for high levels of programming.

“The new TSC-47W is the perfect control accessory for nearly any Q-SYS installation,” states Mike Brandes, product manager of installed systems, QSC. “It gives integrators a go-to device when they need a small-format screen that installs easily, and offers a fully customizable interface without the need for any programming experience.”


QSC Q-SYS Touchscreen Controller Install Friendly

The West Coast company says the 4.7-inch TSC-47W-G2 small-format touch screen controller incorporates combines capacitive-touch LCD technologies, along with a 960×540 resolution.

QSC notes the QSC Q-SYS TSC-47W-G2 touch screen controller provides integrators the ability to install as a portrait or landscape interface solution, with Power over Ethernet (PoE) power capabilities to further streamline its installation.

Compatible with U.S. and European building standards to further enhance its ability to install into walls, lecterns, and other similar flat surfaces, QSC says that integrators can use the product to meet a variety of client control needs and functions.


The popular manufacturer adds that like other Q-SYS touch screens, the 4.7-inch QSC Q-SYS TSC-47W-G2 small-format Touch Screen Controller allows integrators to create custom graphical user control interfaces (UCIs) through the use of the touch screen’s companion Q-SYS Designer Software.

QSC explains that through the use of its Q-SYS Designer Software integrators simply use drag-and-drop tools to create a full range of control parameters that range from complete system control and monitoring to one-touch presets that execute complex commands.

Supporting its products, including its TSC-47W-G2 Touch Screen Controller and Q-SYS Designer Software, QSC offers a complete training portfolio that can be accessed on their website.

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