Enhance Client Relationships & Profitability with These Risk-Mitigation Strategies for the Supply Chain

Published: 2022-10-25

From lingering snarls in logistics, to component shortages, to overheated demand levels, the supply chain has been top of mind for integration businesses for well over two years now.

It has resulted in project backlogs swelling well into the millions; meanwhile, integrators’ facilities are jam-packed with gear that cannot be installed until a handful of key products finally show up.

Meantime, prices are rising as inflation reaches 40-year highs, meaning that integrators are rolling the dice every time they draft a proposal.

Although it would be folly to think that a snap-of-the-fingers “solution” to these challenges exists, there are well-defined strategies that integrators can implement to mitigate their risk.

Join us for a webinar on , where we’ll dive deeply into many of them, offering viewers a playbook that they can immediately execute to protect their profitability, their client relationships and their long-term sustainability amid unprecedented challenges.

Key focus areas:

  • How to set client expectations properly without stoking fear
  • Which contract terms can add flexibility and improve company cashflow
  • Revising proposal expiration dates and embracing milestone-based billing
  • Closing out projects more quickly with a cross product/solution reference guide
  • How an OpEx-based approach can shift risk away from your company

Guest Speakers:

  • Mike Abernathy, Director of Business Resources, NSCA
  • Tina Peters, Executive Vice President at SVT (Sport View Technologies)
  • Dale Bottcher, Executive Vice President, Global Sales + Marketing, AVI-SPL

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