SAVe Joins Forces with HETMA to Support Sustainability

Published: 2022-11-18

Sustainability in AV (SAVe) is partnering with the Higher Education Technology Managers Alliance (HETMA) to expand sustainability initiatives through higher-education institutions across the U.S. SAVe is, of course, the first U.S.-based organization to marshal stakeholders in the AV field to take concerted action to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Meanwhile, HETMA is an advocacy organization that focuses on the higher-education AV industry.

Christina De Bono, founder and president of SAVe, celebrates partnering with Joe Way, Erin Maher-Moran and the entire HETMA organization. She says, “We can work together on a national level to raise awareness, increase visibility and educate the higher-education sector on how to achieve the SDGs.”

“The status quo cannot continue,” De Bono continues. “From climate change and environmental degradation to poverty and inequality, the challenges we face are profound, diverse — and getting worse.” She adds, “We must work together as individuals, as businesses, as educational institutions and as nations to achieve these critical goals before it’s too late.”

Starting by Educating the Educators

Joe Way is co-founder and chair of the Board of Directors of HETMA, as well as director of learning environments at USC. He says, “I was really surprised when Christina explained how much e-waste we’re producing in the U.S.” What’s more, Way observes that, because higher-education institutions do things at such high volume, that market segment likely contributes substantially to the overall number. “However,” he adds optimistically, “this also strategically positions us to have a greater impact.”


Way sees the HETMA organization initially partnering with SAVe to integrate the SAVe a Second Life program and SAVe certification trainings at colleges and universities across the country. “USC has a huge sustainability initiative,” he observes. “So, I thought, ‘Why not start there?’” Way continues, “We’re hosting the very first higher education SAVe certification training at USC [this month], and, from there, we’ll explore how we can expand the program to other educational institutions. If we do this together, we can have a larger impact.”

The SAVe a Second Life Program

The SAVe a Second Life program encourages the repair, reuse, repurposing, recycling and proper disposal of AV equipment. Organizations can give AV gear a second life at the end of its first one. In fact, all they have to do is donate it through a network that SAVe established with HETMA and the Commission on Voluntary Service & Action (CVSA).

The SAVe Certification

The three-part, one-day SAVe certification program includes an education session, a workshop and an assessment. Ultimately, the outcome is an actionable strategy to make progress toward achieving the 2030 SDGs.

If you would like more information, or if you want to get involved, contact SAVe at [email protected].

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