Scalable Display Technologies Announces Version 8.0

Published: October 12, 2021

AV application provider Scalable Display Technologies has announced version 8.0 of its software with new highly requested integrations and features designed to simplify edge blending and projection mapping.

According to the company, the latest software update brings new features to Scalable Desktop, a simplified edge-blending solution for scaling with Windows; Scalable Panel Assembly, a proprietary display calibration software for CAVEs and faceted displays, and Scalable Display Manager, the company’s flagship product used in simulations and other attractions.

The update includes the addition of Westar Warper 4K, what the company calls a new 4K warping box with up to five DisplayPort UDH channels.

Version 8.0 also includes a new alignment panel designed to support collimated display systems that features the ability to simplify perspective correction through the mirror while also providing smooth interpolation across the screen.

According to James Pietsch, director of global accounts for Scalable Display Technologies, this update is a combination of the most highly requested features.

“We value the feedback that our customers have provided us with,” he sad. “We work hard to ensure their feedback is considered in every new software release. We are excited to unveil new features, such as Westar Warper 4K and a number of UX improvements, to streamline installation and integration.”

The 8.0 update includes other features and improvements, including Nvidia specific upgrades, algorithmic improvements on complex blend shapes and new calibration camera types. Scalable will showcase 8.0 at InfoComm 2021 in Orlando, Fla. from Oct. 27 – 29, 2021

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