ScreenBeam Launches K-12 Grant Program

Published: 2023-02-03

ScreenBeam Inc., San Jose, Calif.-based provider of wireless display and conferencing solutions, announced a new grant program exclusively for accredited K-12 education institutions in U.S. and Canada. As schools transition back to in-classroom activities with some students still remote, IT teams need technology that meet modern requirements for connectivity, content sharing and collaboration capabilities for teachers and students.

The ScreenBeam Spring K-12 Grant Program thus provides solutions to achieve equitable hybrid and distance learning across campus. ScreenBeam says it will move teachers into the classroom with standardized wireless display and wireless connections to the in-room peripherals. By doing so, it will make it easier for teachers to connect and collaborate with their in-room and remote students.

The ScreenBeam 1100 Plus (SBWD1100P) with ScreenBeam Conference Software provides wireless display from teacher and student devices without the need for dongles or cables. ScreenBeam Conference software also enables connectivity to in-room peripherals such as cameras, microphones, and speakers. The ScreenBeam 1100 Plus is designed with a multi-network architecture providing three physical network interfaces to connect both teacher and student devices. It does so without compromising security, digital signage, instant alerts and notifications to classroom displays, HDMI input and centralized management. The solution also includes a three-year warranty without any subscription fees.

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Spring K-12 Grant Details

  • ScreenBeam will grant 1.06 units of SBWD1100P for every one (1) unit of SBWD1100P purchased. For example, 200 units purchased will receive 212 additional units under the grant
  • Customers must purchase and take delivery of a minimum of 200 SBWD1100P units between February 1, 2023 and March 31, 2023 to receive the grant
  • Maximum grant per customer is 500 units
  • Product may be purchased through ScreenBeam Authorized Resellers
  • Granted units will ship upon proof of purchase

How to Qualify

  1. Complete and submit the grant submission form.
  2. ScreenBeam will respond to legitimate requests within one business day
  3. Grant offer is available until March 31, 2023 or while supply lasts
  4. All grants approved will receive grant units upon completion of minimum purchase by March 31, 2023

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