Sharp NEC Launches NC1843ML Laser Projector

Published: 2022-01-04

Downers Grove, Ill.-based Sharp NEC Display Solutions recently announced the availability of the NC1843ML laser projector. It is the newest addition to the company’s digital cinema projection series. The NC1843ML is a suitable projection solution for theaters with small and medium screens. In addition, it’s suitable for museum, house of worship and art exhibit applications. Sharp NEC Display Solutions is, of course, prominent in the projector and display market.

The new cinema projection solution has interchangeable laser light sources in the projector head. It is particularly reliable, providing a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. This, then, leads to less maintenance and lower total cost of ownership. In addition to futureproofing, the NC1843ML also boasts increased flexibility. It can be installed on the floor or the ceiling without the need for an exhaust system. What’s more, it features a wide variety of lens options.

The NC1843ML’s next-generation laser module uses a blue laser light source and produces 18,000 lumens of brightness. The use of the blue laser and 4K DC-compliant quality creates a vivid image. It is bright enough to display on screens from 62 to 72 feet in DCI color.

Richard McPherson, senior product manager at Sharp NEC Display Solutions, says the NC1843ML aligns with the rest of the modular laser projectors in the company’s digital cinema lineup. He cites, in particular, the performance-to-price ratio. McPherson notes that there are high hopes for theaters to continue to bounce back this year. He explains, “…the modularity of this projection technology plays a large role in accessibility and is another avenue for theater owners and operators to protect their investment.”

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