Sony Offers BRAVIA Professional Display White Glove Service

Published: 2023-03-17

Further enhancing the value of Sony’s professional display products, the company is offering a White Glove Service. It is designed to keep integrators up and running in the rare event that a display needs servicing.

In conjunction with Sony’s replacement program, the new White Glove Service for BRAVIA Professional Displays dispatches a technician to an integrator’s location to remove a defective display and mount a replacement unit.

Integrators can notify Sony’s service group with the tracking information for the replacement unit. Then, a Sony technician will schedule an appointment after the arrival of the unit. That appointment is, of course, based on the installer’s or end user’s availability.

A Sony technician will also arrange shipment of the defective display back to the company on the client’s behalf.

The White Glove Service is available with the standard three-year factory warranty provided with the display. The service offering is available for the following display sizes with either two-day or three- to five-day service after the arrival of the replacement unit:

  • 32-55 inches
  • 65-85 inches
  • 100 inches

If you’d like to see Sony’s complete terms and conditions, you can view them here.

For more information about the pro BRAVIA family of displays, check out Commercial Integrator’s website archives.

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