Squirrels LLC Launches Ditto Digital Signage Screen-Sharing Solution at ISE 2020

Published: February 21, 2020

Squirrels LLC recently announced a new digital signage technology launched as part of the company’s expanding Ditto screen sharing solution.

Ditto digital signage “includes screen mirroring integration, free templates, emergency alerts, scheduling, central management and more,” according to the Squirrels LLC press release.

“Ditto differentiates itself with the ability to instantly transition from digital signage to screen mirroring as well as utilize popular devices as receivers,” according to the company announcement.

Ditto receiver software runs on Apple TV and Windows devices. No proprietary Ditto hardware is required.

“We redefined Ditto without sacrificing what made it great,” said Squirrels CEO and co-founder Andrew Gould in the company announcement. “We gave people a way to make use of all their displays, all the time.

“People only used Ditto to screen mirror before. Now, Ditto is active even when you’re not presenting. The transition from displaying digital signage to screen mirroring on demand is seamless and intuitive to maintain the simplicity people love about Ditto,” he said.

Ditto Digital Signage Templates

Users will be able to upload their own PNG, GIF, JPEG and MP4 files or use free, customizable Ditto digital signage templates.

“We wanted everyone to have access to captivating, visually appealing digital signage,” Gould said in the company announcement. “That’s why we created templates. You don’t need a graphic designer to create something that looks good.

“We’ll continue adding to the current selection of templates to give people more options,” he said.

Emergency Alerts

Admins can create and deploy custom alerts or integrate with the Common Alert Protocol (CAP), an international standard for sending public alerts and warnings, to automatically disseminate emergency notifications to all their displays.

“Organizations can set up multiple CAP feeds for different locations,” Gould said in the Squirrels announcement. “Each location will only get the alerts that apply to that area.”

Central Management

Ditto admins manage every aspect of digital signage from the web-based Ditto Account Portal. The account portal allows admins to create signage playlists, schedule signage, deploy emergency alerts and more. It’s also where admins delegate responsibilities.

“One person managing digital signage for every display across a large organization is not feasible,” Gould said in the company announcement. “Signage changes often. Keeping up with it would become a full-time job.

“Ditto admins can give Account Portal access to others in their organization to manage signage for specific departments and locations,” he said.

Multi-display Screen Mirroring

In addition to the new digital signage functionality, Ditto users can now mirror their device to multiple displays simultaneously. Devices could previously be mirrored to only one display. Users may also mirror up to four devices to each display simultaneously.

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