Stewart Filmscreen Debuts ‘Stewart Large’ for Commercial Use

Published: June 17, 2014

Stewart Filmscreen has formally divided its products into three screen-size categories—Standard, Large, and Stewart Large.

The aim is to highlight the availability of large commercial screens for hospitality, house of worship, education, entertainment, restaurants, corporate, government, military, in addition to the company’s home theater screens.

“We’ve been making extra-large screens for decades,” says Douglas Brashear, president of Stewart Filmscreen. “In fact, no other manufacturer can make seamless fixed projection screens at the sizes we do.”

“That’s why we are calling our largest screens ‘Stewart Large,’” continues Brashear. “We are excited to finally formalize our size offerings so that everyone knows exactly what we are capable of, and can easily select size categories based on their needs.”

Standard size includes screens that offer images up to 12 feet wide; Large includes screens that have an image width of up to 24 feet; and Stewart Large, which boasts screens up to 90 feet wide and 40 feet high.

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“When the venue calls for a jumbo, behemoth of a screen, and image quality is a top priority, only Stewart can deliver,” says Brashear. “We’ve been manufacturing screens for more than 65 years for some of the most high-profile venues and events in the world, which, frankly, we don’t brag enough about, but probably should.”

Stewart Filmscreen, known for its material science; custom, built-to-order screens; design and engineering; sales support, and customer service, is committed to client satisfaction.

For typical screen solutions, users will be able to immediately produce a design-ready drawing on the company’s website. For custom solutions, those submitting design requests will be contacted within 24 hours to review and refine the design proposal.

Some of Stewart Filmscreen’s high-profile large-format screen projects include the Academy Awards, “The View,” CNN, national political conventions, and flight and mine safety simulators.

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