SunBriteTV’s 39 SKU Launch Targets Outdoor Digital Signage

Published: June 18, 2014

SunBriteTV is launching a line of dedicated digital signage displays for permanent outdoor installation during InfoComm 2014, June 18-20 in Las Vegas.

The outdoor video display manufacturer will roll out several announcements at InfoComm 2014, but the aggressive push into outdoor digital signage is its major focus. “We’re mainly launching SunBriteDS, which is a whole sub-brand of digital signage models,” said VP of marketing Tom Dixon in a pre-InfoComm 2014 interview with CI. Dixon subsequently departed SunBrite and to assume the same position for Soundcast.

SunBriteDS models feature 700-NIT panels. The “high heat tolerating panel on all the pro models,” Dixon said, “will give them the ability to play in intense sunlight without any fear of isotropic blackout.”

The SunBriteDS family will also include touchscreen models, portrait orientation displays, and sizes ranging from 32- to 55-inch as well as its Marquee Series models.

“We’re launching SunBriteDS to give venue operators unprecedented options with outdoor signage,” says SunBriteTV CEO Cameron Hill in a press release.

He says the SunBriteDS line offers 11 models that are available in a variety of size, color, touchscreen and orientation options—ultimately 39 SKUs—and calls it the “only time-tested line of outdoor digital signage displays in the world.”

The launch of a digital signage line is consistent with a shift for the once mostly residential market focuses manufacturer. Sunbrite, which traditionally does about three quarters of its business in the residential market, “is making a huge, huge move into the commercial direction,” Dixon said.

Even that 75 percent to 25 percent split is difficult to gauge, he said, “because a lot of residential guys do light commercial. Consumer is growing at double-digit rates but commercial is going to grow at an exponential rate this year, especially in retail where we’re up 45 percent versus last year.”

More from SunBriteTV’s press release:

All SunBriteDS outdoor commercial displays are fully weatherproof, protected from rain, dust, insects, humidity, grease and salty air due to a rugged exterior and watertight Cable Entry System. All SunBriteDS models function in temperatures as low as -40° and as high as 122° Fahrenheit.

Flagship SunBriteDS models will be on display at SunBriteTV’s booth (#C5835) at InfoComm 2014. More information on the upgraded Marquee Series will be announced soon.

First released in 2004, SunBriteTV’s outdoor televisions incorporate over 10 years of research, design and weatherproof technology, resulting in the world’s first and only time-tested true outdoor TVs.

Designed for permanent installation outdoors, SunBriteTV’s outdoor televisions are superior to indoor televisions when it comes to both safety and performance. Specialized gaskets and insulated electronics keep all wiring safe from every kind of natural element from moisture to insects. The bright, anti-glare screens are specially designed to deliver bright HD images outdoors, day or night.

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