Why SVT Sees 15 Percent Year-Over-Year Growth

Published: August 15, 2018

As president of NSCA, one of Josh Shanahan’s primary focuses is on helping other integration firms improve processes and profitability. It’s not surprise, therefore, that at his own company SVT he attributes its recent growth — essentially a 15 percent year-over-year clip — to streamlined process improvements from pre-sales to delivery.

Another big driver of SVT’s growth, Shanahan adds, is the “symmetry across operations in communications, planning and objectives.”

SVT, in recent years, has had an obvious heads-down focus on operations.

“We streamlined workflows and processes, identified and documented clear trigger points to add resources,which makes it easy to scale services and provide exceptional customer experience,” Shanahan says.

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The plan for SVT is a long-term one.

“Growth is not determined by win or loss of big projects,” Shanahan says.“Growth is achieved by doing right by our customers, delivering the right solutions with the best customer service.”

SVT hopes that growth will be sustained thanks to the following steps that Shanahan says the firm has taken:

  • Continuous training across all departments
  • Working closely with manufacturer partners to understand the technology roadmap
  • Ongoing assessment of processes for improvement
  • Increased focus on customer experience

Flexible Work Culture Doesn’t Hurt

At SVT employees have access to Microsoft 360 and other tools that help them to collaborate and be productive remotely. Shanahan said he did a casual survey of SVT’s millennial employees prior to BLC and learned that flexibility is a big reason why they like working there.

“We don’t care if you leave at 2:00 to pick your child up at work and then get back online later as long as you meet your objectives,” he said, quickly adding that some customer-facing employees don’t necessarily have that option.

SVT also creates detailed career lattices intended to provide employees with career roadmaps.

“They make it clear that at a certain level you’re expected to have credentials that support it and at certain levels you need to be involved with continued education.”

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