TEKVOX Supports INCubatoredu Program with 4K Collaboration Station Drop-In Systems

Published: September 21, 2020

TEKVOX is supporting Uncharted Learning’s national INCubatoredu program—which offers high school students an authentic entrepreneurship experience as they make presentations and build proposals—with 4K collaboration systems at two Texas high schools.

Uncharted Learning launched the first INCubatoredu program in Barrington, Ill., in 2013. Since then, many more high schools nationwide have adopted the curriculum, enabling students to learn foundational business concepts from entrepreneurs and business experts.

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These coaches guide student teams through the processes of ideation, market research, and business plan development. Students conduct a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) presentation to secure funding to test their product, and innovative ideas have the possibility of securing additional funding that will help turn their business plans into a reality.

“TEKVOX is proud to have upgraded the INCubatoredu spaces at Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Ridge and Vandegrift High School in Leander with our 4K collaboration Drop-Ins,” said TEKVOX CEO Jim Reinhart in the announcement.

“These systems represent the apex of advanced AV teamwork solutions, and really take the back-and-forth group work at the heart of the INCubatoredu program to the next level with their incredible versatility & ease of use,” he said.


More About INCubatoredu

Vista Ridge and Vandegrift have similar solutions; an instructor podium and main display occupy the front of the room, with six student pods—each seating four to five people—distributed throughout the rest of the space.

Each student pod has its own display and can function as an independent collaboration station, complete with 4K resolution, multi-view configurations and touchscreen controls.

The instructor can operate the space as a standard classroom, displaying sources—such as a PC, laptop, document camera, or Blu-ray player—on the main display at the front of the classroom.

“The greatest strength of our INCubatoredu systems lies in the connected collaboration opportunities they provide,” said Reinhart. “Instructors can present any of their sources on the student pods’ displays or on the main display or share one pod’s work with the rest of the class.

“This results in a cohesive system in which students can collaborate with their group, the instructor, and the rest of the class,” he said.

In addition to this, the INCubatoredu Drop-In supports seamless video conferencing and lecture capture. Each student pod, along with the instructor podium, is outfitted with a microphone, and the room has dedicated cameras for the instructor and students, all integrated into the system.

This allows visiting experts and entrepreneurs to present to the class remotely and allows the instructor to record their presentations for future reference.

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