The Force Sensing Is Strong for Zytronic at Digital Signage Expo 2017

Published: 2017-03-30

One of the ways that digital signage experiences may improve after Digital Signage Expo 2017 may be by more companies embracing force sensing in interactive touch displays. At least, U.K.-based manufacturer Zytronic hopes it will.

It means pretty much what it sounds like it means.

The degree of force with with you touch a touch-interactive display will trigger levels of engagement. In a map, for instance, a more forceful touch might zoom in on a location. In other instances, it more or less forceful touches may simply lead different layers of content.

“Force, pressure or ‘Z-axis’ sensing brings a new dimension of interaction to touch screens, giving businesses a way to enrich the customer interaction in retail, gaming, financial, industrial and other commercial touch screen applications,” says Ian Crosby, VP of sales and marketing at Zytronic Inc.

“Force sensing is especially useful when used in combination with Zytronic’s multi-touch technology, exceeding what is possible on all but the most advanced tablets and smartphones. We successfully brought to large-format screens a technology that, until now, was used only in consumer electronic devices.”

Zytronic Force Sensing

Zytronic can allow touch screens to differentiate between a soft and hard touch.

Who is Zytronic?

Zytronic is a maker of projected capacitive touch sensor solutions. During DSE 2017, it’s demonstrating its force sensing technology for large-format interactive touch screens. Crosby says he’s seeing Zytronic’s touch sensors widely used in a variety of applications, including interactive digital signs, self-service kiosks, slot machines, ATMs and more.

During DSE 2017, the demonstrations showcase how the touch screens can differentiate between a soft and hard touch. Zytronic’s approach is based on a measurement of the surface area of an applied touch, which changes the measured capacitive signal levels at the relative touch location on the sensor.

This eliminates the need for a piezo-electric or other layers on the glass to measure applied force or pressure, even on thick, rigid glass touchscreens. Since it relies on a modification to the firmware, it can in fact be retrofitted to most Zytronic touch controllers.

Zytronic is also showcasing its enabling of touchscreen customization during DSE 2017. It’s demonstrated in the form of a highly specialized 29-inch lectern with combination touch sensor and touch keyboard; a 65-inch multitouch, multiuser table; and a large 85-inch 4K wall-mounted monitor, capable of detecting more than 40 simultaneous touch points for creating eye-catching and exciting customer display experiences.

In addition, Zytronic shows a working 10.4-inch Cryptotouch unit simulating Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant payment through the touchscreen in a self-service gas pump application.

Zytronic Multi-Touch Digital Signage

Zytonric says its Force sensing is especially useful when used in combination with its multi-touch technology, exceeding what is possible on all but the most advanced tablets and smartphones.




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